My dress has pockets!

Kerry was so chuffed that her wedding dress had pockets, I was just hoping she wasn’t planning on keeping her red lipstick there! 

Monica and I drove up to the beautiful Perthshire countryside to Fingask Castle, we tried and failed to take a video of the grounds and the trees with the unusual topiary.  

When we met Kerry a few months ago for her trial she said she liked red lipstick which is always a joy for me, I love how it looks with a wedding dress. I used one of my YSL red lipsicks on her and she got the new version of it, a gorgeous cool tone which suited her so much. Next up was her hair, she originally wanted it up then decided she’d prefer it down, Monica added some extensions to get more volume and gave the hair a soft wave, very movie star don’t you think?

More laughs with the playlist, movie theme tunes from the 80’s and we all had to guess which film. Even the photographer joined in with us “That’s from Mannequin” he replied in a deadpan way!  There were discussions about Kerry changing her song to walk up the isle, be good to know if she went for it.

We hope you continued the fun Kerry and enjoy our snap shots xx


The dress with pockets


One of her lovely bridesmaids, forgot to get more photos