Shoot With The Red Heads

We love doing hair and makeup for a shoot, but it’s even better when we get to collaborate with Vixy Pixy Rae, creative director at Stewart Christie and photographer Laura Meek. They have great vision on how everything should look and if they don’t beforehand then it flows whilst the shoot is in full swing!

The other benefit aside from the gorgeous models they choose for us to work on, is the laughs and conversations during the day.  

This time we were shooting outside mid November, brave choice and of course not much light. We did the first look in the downstairs area of Stewart Christie & Co in George Street, Edinburgh. Walking inside this shop is like stepping back in time. The room is full of beautiful colours of tweed, they have examples of coats and jackets that can be tailor made just for you. We may of tried on and swooned over a few before we remembered time wasn’t on our side!

We shot some outfits in Colinton Dell, with plenty bemused dog walkers looking on. Then there was a quick change of clothes, hair and mup in the van (sorry for any mess Robbie) before we headed to the hills. That sounds dramatic but we were still inside Edinburgh, somewhere near Hillend/Swanson I’m sketchy on the details but remember a local telling Vixy that J K Rowling had recently purchased all the land.

As the light faded and it got colder the models were layered up with more gorgeous cashmere cardigans and gloves from the collection. Monica and I were despatched to the van to keep warm, an offer we didn’t need to hear twice! The shots they took at the very end as the light went down include Kasia lying down in the bracken. Just stunning! See them on our Fashion and Editorial page. Enjoy our behind behind the scenes shots below. 


1st stop the shop to get everyone ready


2nd stop, the deli for lunch on route! 


Vixy and Laura in work mode


The wind wasn’t easy for Monica! 


Octavia, Julia and Kasia (left to right) 


Even my rubbish camera captured the beautiful light