wedding kimono

Chinese tea ceremony with Teri

We have done quite a lot of Asian weddings over the years which we love- all those great colours to work with. This year so far we’ve done 2 Chinese weddings, the tea ceremony with the parents sound moving and it’s about showing respect to both sets of parents. But the challenges the groom has to face with the bridesmaids sound hilarious!  They are put through their paces to make sure they are suitable to marry the bride-to-be.

So think humiliating singing/dancing/story telling and afterwards they have to pay the bridesmaids for the honour of marrying their friend. This needs to be adopted into British weddings! 

Teri came for her bridal trial with her mum who could’ve passed for her sister, look out for her in the pink dress helping Teri with her many pieces of jewellery. A tradition that was made fun as she told us about some of them (we liked the piglet necklace)!

Her room at Dunglass Estate was buzzing with family & friends, I hope you enjoy these snapshots of our morning. 




Married at Myres

We have been lucky enough to work in some really beautiful venues and Myres castle is up there as 1 of our favourites. Just outside a small village in Fife called Auchtermutchy (only Scottish folk can pronounce that properly)! The castle feels warm, comfortable and nothing like a wedding conveyor belt.

We like getting everyone ready in the bathroom of the bridal suite - yes it’s that big!

Imogen had 5 bridesmaids plus herself and the mums to get ready so we had to start early and work to a strict timetable, this ran over a bit which would make most brides stress but Imogen was cool & calm (I kidded on I was).

There aren’t many pictures (see above regarding timings)! But I hope you get an idea about our morning.




The bathroom turned into a salon! 


Our bride before! 


The hairstyle Monica did on all the bridesmaids.


View from the window whilst you’re having hair and makeup done. 


Her custom made jacket for over her dress was fab we thought.


Imogen looked stunning

Car ready to take them to church

Car ready to take them to church