What makeup brands will you use?
We love having a wide range of makeup products. I enjoy reading beauty blogs and following other MUA's on social media to see what's new and what's worth having.

The brands I always use include MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Armani and the list goes on!

Should we wash our hair on the morning of the wedding?

If your hair is going up then it's better if it's not freshly washed and conditioned so the day before is good. However, if you're used to washing it every day, then washing it that morning is fine as we want you to feel good. Monica can use the right products to keep it in place. Just don't over condition, please.

How many people can get their hair and make-up done on the day?

We can do as many as you like as long as we work out timings.  On an average wedding, we do 5 people but have been booked to do 12.

Hair time slots are around every 30 minutes and bridal makeup 45 minutes. Sometimes we work on the same person as it's important to keep the flow of everyone being "done" on the wedding morning. For instance - Monica will be working on someone's hair whilst I work on another's makeup then we swap around usually doing the bride last or second last - especially if that wedding dress is tricky to get into!